Aging Skin: The Mattress and the Boxspring

take a second to look at the pictures above. The top two layers of skin are the most important: The Epidermis (A) and the Dermis (B).

Think of these two layers like a bed: The Dermis (inner layer, B) is the box spring, and the Epidermis (outer layer, A) is the mattress. Bear with me here: what would happen if you put a mattress directly on the rungs of your bed without the box spring? It would sag! The box spring is there to provide support, holding the mattress up.

The Dermis’ (B) job is to provide strength and support to the Epidermis (A), and collagen—the white structures composing most of the dermis—is the main source of that strength.

As we age, and the collagen PROTEINS that we depend on in our box spring start to break down, so our skin develops wrinkles and laxity. But don’t fear! Here are the 3 things you can do to help. 

1)    Exfoliate! See your esthetician for a monthly chemical peel or microderm to give your skin a “workout” that builds collagen. THINK OF THIS PROCESS AS SIMILAR TO HOW LIFTING WEIGHTS BUILDS MUSCLE TISSUE. 

2)    Use products that stimulate and protect collagen production, such as retinol, vitamin C, and peptides!

My favorites are Age Refining Treatment 0.5% Retinol Night by PCA Skin, LumaPro C by Hydropeptide, and Power Lift Moisturizer by HydroPeptide.

3)    Use daily SPF 30 or higher! collagen is a magnet for UV RADIATION, WHICH CAUSES IT TO SHRIVEL AND BECOME DAMAGED. DAILY SPF will prevent further damage and protect all that work you and your esthetician have been doing to make you glow!

Grove and Kane favorites include Weightless Protection SPF 45 by PCA Skin and Solar Defense SPF 30 Tinted by Hydropeptide.