There are several different lash treatments and products out there now! 2018 has been the Year of the Lash, so buckle up and see which lash enhancement may be your cup of tea!

1)    Lash Serum: Grove and Kane carries ophthalmologist-developed RevitaLash serum! This serum, applied to the lash line, uses peptides, vitamin B5, and green tea extract to “trick” your natural lashes into growing past the time they are normally programmed to fall out. The result? Loooong natural lashes after 6 weeks of use. Keep using the serum to maintain your results!

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to grow their lashes longer or preserve the health of their lashes with lash extensions!

($55 1ml, $98 2ml, $150 3ml)


2)    Lash Tint: This one is for the blondies out there: especially those who feel like they have plenty of lash, but they’re just invisible! Even people with dark lashes often have light-colored tips to their lashes that can be tinted to add the appearance of more length.

Lash tints color the lash, darkening them for about 4-6 weeks. It’s important to note that it won’t look the same as using mascara. The tint adds color, but not volume like mascara does.

Ideal for: Those who have naturally light lashes and want a low-maintenance daily look.

($25, $19 for members)


3)    Lash Lift: This is one of the most exciting new lash services that’s come out in the past few years. Essentially a perm, this treatment curls natural lashes for 6-8 weeks!

Expect longer-looking lashes and your eyes to “open-up!” Add a Lash Tint to your Lift for extra wow-factor. For those who want more drama: wearing mascara with Lifted Lashes produces an almost falsie-like look.

Ideal for: Those who have naturally straight lashes! Pro Tip: Use the RevitaLash to maximize results!

(Lash Lift + Tint: $90, $79 for members)

(Just Lift: $80, $69 for members)


4)    Lash Extensions: This is the ULTIMATE low-maintenance treatment. Yes, you’ll have to make appointments every 2 weeks for “Fills” to keep your lashes full, but imagine a world where mascara is not needed!

Extensions add major volume and drama to your everyday look, no makeup needed. Essentially, you wake up Instagram-ready!

Ideal for: Those with naturally short lashes, those who are sick of wearing mascara, and those who like an ultra-feminine lash look.

(Initial Appointment “Full Set”: $220, $179 for members)

(2 Week Fill: $80, $69 for members)


Whatever your lash destiny, we’ve got you covered at Grove and Kane. To check out pictures of our lash services, take a look at our instagram! 

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