4 Signs your Skin Is Asking for a Chemical Peel

The term “chemical peel” sounds scary, but when performed by a licensed, experienced professional, your peel will be comfortable, enjoyable, and deliver amazing results!

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Here are four signs that your skin is asking for a chemical peel:

1.     You feel like your skin is dull, rough, or dry.

Our skin is constantly shedding at a microscopic level. In fact, household dust is mostly composed of human skin (sorry to gross you out!).  When you are in your teens, it takes about 28 days for a skin cell to develop and then travel up to the outer layer of the skin where it eventually sloughs off. By the time we are in our 40’s, it can take twice as long for a skin cell to slough! This means that we can develop a buildup of dead, dry cells that can make skin look unhealthy and dull. Sometimes when people think that they are “dry,” they actually just have a buildup of dead skin that feels dry and needs to come off.

Chemical peels are a fantastic way to remove this layer of dead skin cells, revealing the new, hydrated, and plump cells underneath. This becomes more and more important as our cell turnover cycle continues to slow as we age.

Post-peel, you will have a bright, dewy, and healthy-looking complexion!

2.     You have age spots or other types of hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is a term for unwanted (hyper=too much) pigment on the skin, which can contribute to a mottled appearance. While you may be using a brightening serum regularly (which will help prevent the formation of future pigmentation), it will likely do little to remove the pigmentation that you currently have.

Chemical peels are a very effective way to slough pigmented cells away, producing a brighter, more even-toned appearance.

3.     You have acne.

An acne blemish begins to form when a single pore gets clogged with dead skin cells. This creates an oxygen-free environment where P. acnes bacteria can thrive (P. acnes bacteria are the type of bacteria responsible for acne!) This then leads to redness, inflammation, and unsightly blemishes that make acne dreadful.

If you want to prevent the development of acne in the first place, you need to keep dead skin from clogging pores. What is one of the best ways to do this? You guessed it…PEEL!

4.     You have fine lines, wrinkles, and laxity.

Peels are a very effective way to stimulate your skin’s production of collagen. Collagen is the protein that gives strength and structure to the skin, and lack of collagen leads to the wrinkles and laxity that we associate with aging.

Over the course of several peels, lines will be less noticeable and your skin will feel firmer!

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